What is Casualtee Screen Printing?

Casualtee Screen Printing is a water-based screen printing company located in Olympia, Washington. We are dedicated to high quality, eco-friendly, custom water-based and discharge silk screen printing.

We use entirely water-based inks, which yeild an incredible soft hand feel, vibrant colors, and are a better choice for the environment. Even better, we do it at an affordable price that matches conventional plastisol screen printing. Read more

We believe in making custom shirts easy

Ever ordered t-shirts before? It can be complicated. We're here to change that - and make your life a little bit easier.

With our online ordering system you can instantly get a price quote and place your order easy and headache free.

No hidden fees, no tricky price-breaks. Just easy.

We have great prices

We know how important getting the best deal is. That's why we have stayed small and focused on streamlining our operation.

We keep our rent low with an online storefront, our equipment is automatic, dialed in, and run by experienced press operators. This lets us print amazing work, inexpensively, without cutting corners.

Price your order

We are eco-friendly

Printing t-shirts isn't going to save the world. However, we value the health of the environment, so we choose to work with the most eco-friendly products. This is why we have chosen to print with water-based inks, which have smaller footprint than working with traditional inks.

If you want to investigate for yourself, Econscious (a quality brand of clothing) has published an article here, which goes into more detail about the specific pro's and con's of various printing methods. This is a good starting point to become familiar with various printing methods and their impact.