Water Based Screen Printing

Bright, soft, and eco-friendly. The new standard for custom shirts.

We print exclusively with water based inks, which have a soft hand, vibrant colors, and are less harmful towards the environment. Even better, we do it at an affordable price that matches conventional plastisol printing.

Contrary to popular belief, we aren't limited to printing on only light colored t-shirts. The sample pictured on the right is an example of a 4 color print water based print on a red t-shirt. Below it is a print on a slate grey shirt. In these up close photos you can see the vibrancy of the water based inks, and how it penetrates into the fibers instead of sitting on top.

Unlike plastisol inks, water based inks won't crack, fade away, or disappear before your shirt does. Shirts printed with water based inks still look great after many washes. Add lasting value to your shirt with water based inks.

Water based inks have a soft hand, vintage feel. You can see in the pictures that they dye the fabric instead of sitting on top of it. This is ideal for printing on lightweight and stretchy fabrics, such as ribbed tank tops and bamboo fabrics. Our prints move with the fabric, and easily stand up to the test of time and wear.

Water based ink, up close, on red
Water based printing on grey

What is "Plastisol"?

Plastisol is a screen printing ink that is currently very popular among conventional printing shops. Until recently, there are a few strong advantages to working with plastisol - such as it doesn't dry out in the screens. It is also thick and therefore opaque, so it is ideal for printing on light garments.

There are certain applications where plastisol still reigns supreme, such as printing on jackets or doing iron-on transfers for jersey numbers.

Plastisol inks are considered harsher on the environment. Fortunately, there are a number of plastisol inks just now coming out that contain less toxins, and there have been soy-based solvents available for clean up for some time now.

Plastisol Ink

Advantages of Water-Based Screen Printing

We have had sports teams tell us how great it is that our water based prints don't heat up and get sticky in the sun like plastisol ink does. This is especially nice for any activities that you will be doing outside, water based inks keep the shirt breathable.

Water-based inks stretch with the fabric, and therefore don't crack. This is ideal for printing on high-stretch material like spandex. Certain plastisols have the ability to be high-stretch as well, but it requires stretch-additives to be mixed into the ink.

Plastisol inks should not be ironed, since the heat will bring the plastics in the ink up to their melting point and ruin the print. On the other hand, water-based can be ironed with no problem.

Water-based inks work much better than plastisols for printing on fabrics with a thicker weave, such as beanies and towels.

Water based inks are breathable and become part of the fabric

We do the best work

We have been working with water based inks exclusively since 2006. The inks we use, from what we (and our customers) have found, give the best print today. We care about creating a print that looks good, and will go extra lengths to ensure your print is as good as possible - this is one major advantage to working with a shop our size. You will work with someone directly when you place your order.

Our water based inks result in the softest print that will make you fall in love at first touch.

View our gallery to see photos of the work we do.